Practicality is about achieving clinical success in your field by understanding and adopting fundamental business concepts and processes into your practice. Your health sciences education has prepared you to deliver quality, evidence-informed care to your patients to ultimately help them with their health concerns.

However, that's only half of the real-world clinical practice picture. Practice success demands diverse knowledge in all aspects of business to not only make it but to thrive as a confident, successful healthcare practitioner. Learn how you can live the work-life balance of your dreams, without the stress of wondering if there are enough patients to keep your practice afloat.

Practicality’s educational seminars cover all aspects of running your clinical practice as a healthy, profitable and efficiently run business. Learn how to avoid expensive business management decisions that impact your bottom line. Understand how to effectively market yourself to the audience you want to target and grow your business. Learn how to generate greater value in your practice for future sale. The seminar content is designed by an experienced team of healthcare professionals with real-world clinic ownership experience and high-level business education. Take your business knowledge to the next level!

Richard Thompson, BA (Hon), DC, MBA

For the past 12 years, I have worn several hats in my career - chiropractor, entrepreneur, business owner and clinic director. It’s been my passion to not only deliver the highest level of care possible to patients, but to also help healthcare practitioners build successful careers. During this time, I also enjoyed acquiring and growing two single-discipline practices into integrative, multidisciplinary centres.

The first few years of any chiropractic practice are not without their challenges, regardless if you become an associate, purchase a practice or start your own. I have made some great business decisions over the years but also made many blind decisions that ended up being very costly, from both a financial and a time-lost perspective.

Practicality was developed to cover key learnings in major areas of business that are critical for chiropractors entering the workforce. Taking my 12 years of clinical and business ownership experience in combination with my MBA education from the Ivey School of Business, Practicality addresses real-world business challenges and solutions for the chiropractor in clinical practice. With high-quality, fundamental training in business concepts and systematic clinical procedures, every healthcare practitioner can become stronger business owners, leaders, and healthcare advocates that lead successful careers and fulfilling lives.