Business Essentials for the Healthcare Practitioner (Level 1)


It's Back! Business Essentials is More

In-Depth & Practical Than Ever!

Everything You Need to Know on How to Prepare,

Launch & Grow Your Practice for Success 

April 25th & 26th, 2020

BMO Institute for Learning

3550 Pharmacy Ave

Scarborough, ON M1W 3Z3






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Who should attend?

Any student of a healthcare professional program looking to gain high-level business knowledge. Recent graduates of a professional healthcare program within their first year of practice will also be able to implement this new business acumen into their practice. This seminar is designed to provide you with the formal business training almost every professional program is lacking. Enter practice ready to launch your careers primed for success!

Why you should attend.

If you’re looking to grow a busy, streamlined practice using sound business processes and maintain patient-centred clinical excellence, Practicality business training will provide you with that comprehensive skillset. Learn the mistakes many make early in practice. Save the time spent, money lost, and headaches that many of your colleagues have endured from guessing what works with operating a business.